Vivatia Brightening System

What it is:

Vivatia is a new approach to anti-aging that uses a proprietary foam delivery system to enable higher levels of effective ingredients to be delivered in their purest form gently to the skin. It also enables unique mixtures of ingredients to be combined to help accelerate and enhance results. Vivatia is sold as a simple, affordable 3-piece system and as individual products that deliver real, visible results.

How it’s different:

  • Manufactured in completely oxygen and light free environment which maintains product integrity producing reliable, effective results every application
  • Easy to use, simple 3-piece system delivers visible results
  • Evens skin tone, fades dark spots and brightens skin
  • Diminishes appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Proprietary foam delivery system delivers more effective ingredients gently to your skin

 Why you’ll love it:

  • Easy to use, affordable 3-piece systems that really works
  • Visibly improves dark spots and pigmentation within 4 weeks
  • Women who tried Vivatia saw the following results:
    • 97% saw a softening of fine lines and wrinkles
    • 84% saw firmer-looking skin
    • 100% saw more radiant-looking skin


  • Gentle Cream Cleanser: unique cleansing formula helps restore your moisture barrier while gently cleansing your skin
  • Active Repair Complex: gentle yet powerful treatment with retinol, antioxidants, peptides and vitamins promotes cell turnover and collagen production for younger, more radiant-looking skin
  • Brightening Complex: unique combination of 2% hydroquinone plus 9 other powerful brightening ingredients helps even skin tone and fade dark spots for more luminous-looking skin

How To Use It:

AM: 1. Cleanse face with Gentle Cream Cleanser

        2. Apply Brightening Complex (optional)

        3. Follow with a sunscreen

PM: 1. Cleanse face with Gentle Cream Cleanser

        2. Apply Active Repair Complex

        3. Apply Brightening Complex

  • $179.00

Customer Reviews

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It really works!

I have been using Vivatia Skin Brightening System for the past 3 years and I can't say enough. It brought my confidence back by controlling and clearing up my melasma. With only 3 steps, Vivatia has a foam technology that works beautifully on my skin. I am a fan, and I highly recommend Vivatia!!! This kit is fantastic and it really works!!!!